Saturday, August 19, 2017

The 6th Seal, The August 21 Eclipse and The Rapture

"These Christians keep saying Jesus is coming back, but many generations have come and gone, he's still not here. They're just fooling themselves, there's no Jesus or God anywhere coming back. And there is no hell, the hell is just an illusion". I have heard this time and time again on the streets of america, but as the heaven is far from the earth, so is Gods wisdom and Gods timing. A day to God may translate to a century for humans and that's what we fail to understand and where we get it all wrong. But Jesus is Coming, and he's closer than he's ever been.

I am not a pastor, not a prophet, not some super Christian, I am just an off-the street regular church goer, like millions if you. So I'm not here to preach! I'm just here to tell you in particular, what I've been sent.

The signs of the times are clearer that ever. Read the Bible for yourself, don't just be brainwashed with what some leader somewhere tells you. The Bible is the manual and guide book, if its not in there, don't believe it. If its in there, don't only believe it, keep it to heart and do it.
Just few days ago the emergence of the micro chip being inserted in people only confirms that we're closer to the times, in fact the times are here. The Aug 21 eclipse isn't just another marveling wonder of nature, it is a sign of the end. he who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying. Media and those whose purpose is to win souls for the devil will play down this spiritual warning as just another historical event, but it is clearly an indicator to the great tribulation. 

The cashless system is here, it has been perfected, all of the turbulence and unrest in the world is an orchestration to make this microchip option the best and only option to secure the world from all terror attacks, and evils around and they will brand it to you as the only way to enjoy convenience and safety, your cash will become worthless, everything will be based on this chip; health access, buying and selling, jobs etc. You will be worthless and handicapped if you don't have this chip implanted. They wouldn't force anyone, but the whole world system will make you crave it for survival. Even supposed Christians will crave to have this chip (mark of the beast) so as to survive the times.I hear you say it will take a while before it gets into the third world and undeveloped countries. Being in a third world country doesn't exclude you, that is even the easiest, because you are dependent on these advance countries for survival. As long as your government has to trade with the world and there is a need for food and basic amenities you will not be exempted. The internet and mobile devices are all part of the plan. Everything and everyone will be monitored, we will all become helpless and at the mercy of the beast! Men of God amassing wealth and jets will beg to be implanted, because without the chip they'll be irrelivant and have no access to all the wealth they've amassed. They will equally fool you to do the same in the name of technological advancement, the very elect will be fooled!

The times are here. The rapture of saints will happen soon, maybe before you finish reading this piece. Every prophecy spoken about the end has been happening for years; wars, disasters, decline in Christ's followership, pestilences and diseases, just point to one that hasn't happened except the rapture... And now its rapture time.. Are you ready!? The great tribulation isn't nothing compared to what you've seem acted out in Hollywood, it will be grand, it will be real, it will be inescapable if you miss rapture. You will beg to die, but death will not come, it is doom in action.


Aug 21,2017, September 23, 2017, Oct 5, 2017 are significant days that revelation will play out before our very eyes in the skies.its marking the beginning of the end.

I leave you with these links below, please watch and make your own decisions, for life or for destruction. 

The essence of Christianity is battle to win souls to Gods camp and den go back home ti heaven to give account and rest. but surprisingly many Christians don't want to hear death or d second coming just yet.

Dear God, i have done what you sent me. Please count me worthy! Amen.


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